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Walnut Wooden Small Jewelry Ring Box with Two Slots Black Velvet

Prix d'origine $3.58 - Prix d'origine $3.58
Prix d'origine
$3.58 - $3.58
Prix actuel $3.58
Color: Each box can be customized with name or logo engraved JPMRM-RB152


  • Black


  • Wood


  • Size: 53*34mm, 2" x 1.4"
  • Weight:45g

About this item

  • Magnetic clasp design: Flip cover case and designed with magnetic clasp, save time and effort when opening and closing. Round art design to fully enhance your jewelry rings at center.
  • Premium material: High quality walnut and black velvet lining combine to provide the ultimate luxury experience. Velvet interior will provide good protection for your jewelry rings.
  • Applicable Occasions: Suitable for small jewelry objects such as rings, ear studs,etc. Perfect ring gift box for Wedding, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day. Of course, it is also a good choice for jewelry stores and trade shows to display jewelry.
    • Please note: rings not included, Only for intended purpose.

    Product Description


    Our Box is handmade with walnut wood, sanded smoothly and finished with a semi-gloss finish.


    Will you marry me? when you get down on your knee, pull out the ring, ask the question, and hear the word "yes" break out from the tears of joy & emotion. She won't say no to this. Our ring boxes are designed to make unending memories.


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