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Diamond Tester Pen, High Accuracy Jewelry Diamond Teste Portable Electronic Diamond Tester Tool for Jewelry (without Battery)

Prix d'origine $9.14 - Prix d'origine $9.14
Prix d'origine
$9.14 - $9.14
Prix actuel $9.14

Color: Black

Power Source: Battery Powered

Batteries: 1 9V batteries required. (excluded)

Product Dimensions: 10.16 x 2.17 x 1.38 inches


  • Fast and safe: Professional Diamond Selector II will indicate genuine diamond or fake.It is designed for quick, precise, and safe diamond testing.
  • Intuitive Design: LCD display & LED indicator.Uses large / small switches for testing diamonds,Emits audible sounds to easily differentiate the readings.
  • Simple to Use: JPM Diamond Tester Pen is simple to operate to get results, professional(s) are not required. Simply turn on our Diamond Tester Pen detector; place the tip of the Diamond Tester on the gem stone (lightly pressed is sufficient) and If the stone is fake, crystal or cubic zirconia, the tester will not beep.
  • Package include: Diamond tester is battery powered for convenience.Requires 1 standard 9v battery, which is excluded. Package include:1 x Diamond Tester,1 x Leather Pouch Case,1 x Testing Platform,1 x User Manual.

Simple to Use

JPM Diamond Tester Pen Test result analysis

If lights >= 9 and have sounds, it is true diamond.

If lights <9 and no sounds, it is not diamond.

If lights is 7 or 8, it is true crystal.

If lights is 6 or 7, it is true jade.

If lights is 4 or 5, it is glass.

Don't test metal,Don't wear gloves.

Professional Diamond Selector II will indicate genuine diamond or fake. It is designed for quick, precise, and safe diamond testing.

How To Test Diamond

Turn on the switch,Make sure only 1 light is lighting up on the scale.Wait few seconds for the probe to heat up until Lamp on ready OK.Turn on the lights numbers corresponding to the indoor temperature and diamond weight.If don't know. Set 4 lights is lighting up on the scale.Start test diamond, no need to adjust the switch switch.Use the diamond discriminator probe to make 90-degree contact with the measured object, and observe the indicator light change.It needs a little bit of force to stop it on the diamond surface and make full contact.If unsuccessful, please repeat the second step.

Product Description

High Accuracy Diamond Tester Professional Diamond Jeweler Diamond Selector

High Accuracy Diamond Tester

Diamond tester pen

Professional Jeweler Diamond Selector

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