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I Love You Hexagon Wood Ring Stand - Engraved Wooden Ring Holder

Prix d'origine $8.11 - Prix d'origine $8.11
Prix d'origine
$8.11 - $8.11
Prix actuel $8.11
Color: Brown


  • Black


  • Wood


  • Size: 32*27*70 mm, 1.3” x 1.1“ x 2.8"
  • Weight:135g

About this item

  • A stylish and functional ring stand created with premium quality dark walnut wood. Inserted with a luscious black velvet foam to make that ring shine. A design that is timeless and so modern.
  • Beautifully engraved, “I love you” in a smooth cursive font. The feeling of being sweet, sincere and, elegant makes it more unforgettable.
  • The ring slot foam is placed to secure that precious ring and you won’t think of losing it. It has a dimension of 1.25 inches, and we suggest a max ring depth of 8mm. The hexagon-shaped ring stand has an approximate height of 2.75 inches making it stand out from any angle.
  • Its perfect shape and look complete that proposal you have been planning for. It is also a suitable gift for your special someone like your mom, dad, and partner giving them a smile on their faces. The picture-perfect item on your wedding day and as your ring bearer walks down the aisle bringing that very luxurious ring stand.
  • Unforgettable words and creations for that precious moment. Contact us for your inquiries. Memorable products made with love by MUUJEE.
  • Please note: rings not included, Only for intended purpose.

Product Description

Unforgettable Creations Made For You
Our beautiful and timeless wooden hexagon ring stand is created for the best person in your life. Surprising them on special days like their birthdays, anniversaries, holidays that you want to share this amazing present. Engraved intricately in cursive and smooth font “I love you” are the three words that will truly be unforgettable in your journey. The creation was made with premium walnut wood and your ring is fitted securely in a black velvet foam.



A Simple Token of Love

Giving is loving. As we create presents with passion, our hexagon ring stand is made perfect for the best person in your life. Showing him/her the love that is everlasting on occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any special day.

Timeless Present That Stands Out

Its luscious black velvet foam is inserted to secure your ring without the fear of losing it. Its black color complements the ring's feature making it stand out. Its unique wood grains create a feature that is so timeless and material that is exquisitely crafted; a combination you can never go wrong.

Memorable Words of Love

The engraved message, “I Love You” is like a picture that is worth a thousand words. A combination of a timeless and modern look, and words so memorable in a ring stand is what you are looking for in a perfect present.


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