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Gem Keeper Carousel Organizers

Prix d'origine $34.00 - Prix d'origine $37.00
Prix d'origine
$34.00 - $37.00
Prix actuel $34.00
Color: Brown+Cream

Your Collection, Perfectly Arranged:

Elevate your jewelry storage game with our Jewelry Drawer Organizer. Crafted for rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, it brings order to your treasures. Soft lining safeguards their beauty, while the chic design complements your space."


  • Brown+Cream


  • PU+Suede

Size: Small

  • Size:250*150*130mm/9.84’’ x 5.90’’ x 5.11’’
  • Weight: 1164g

Size: Large

  • Size:280*172*135mm/11.02’’ x 6.77’’ x 5.31’’
  • Weight: 1956g


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