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Majestic Gloss Watch Box

Prix d'origine $12.90 - Prix d'origine $12.90
Prix d'origine
$12.90 - $12.90
Prix actuel $12.90
Color: Wooden

Discover the allure of timekeeping majesty with our Majestic Gloss Watch Holder. The glossy lacquer finish accentuates the beauty of your watches, creating an exquisite presentation. Trust your prized timepieces to this holder, where protection and elegance converge.

Logo Imprint Position - Box Top or Inside Top of the box

For ordering 500 pcs per box, we can print your brand logo on it with no extra charge plus 20% off discount. Please contact our sales team for assistance.




Luxury Lacquered Wood Box +PU Leather

180*135*85 mm, 7" x 5.5” x 3.5“



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