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Opulent Octagons Velvet Collection

Prix d'origine $1.66 - Prix d'origine $1.66
Prix d'origine
$1.66 - $1.66
Prix actuel $1.66
Color: Navy Blue

Opulent Octagons Velvet Collection

Octagonal boxes with lids, perfect for keeping treasures and adding a touch of luxury to any space.

Logo Imprint Position - Inside Top/Box Top

For ordering 500pcs per box, we can print your brand logo on it with no extra charge plus 20% off discount. Please contact our sales team for assistance.

Single Ring Box


  • Dark Blue/Pink/Red

Double Ring Box


  • Sky Blue/Dark Green/Navy Blue


  • Velvet

Size: 50*50*40mm / 2"x2"x1.6"
Weight: 30g

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