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US Plastic Finger Sizer Measuring Tool

Prix d'origine $1.98 - Prix d'origine $1.98
Prix d'origine
$1.98 - $1.98
Prix actuel $1.98
Color: Red

Color: Red / Black / White / Purple / Blue

Material: Plastic 

  • Package Included: 1 * Ring Sizer with 27 circle models Size:1-13(US size), A-Z(UK size)
  • Material: This US UK ring sizer guage is made by durable plastic fine workmanship and high quality
  • Application: This blue ring sizer guage is widely use for measuring wedding ring, class ring and many other occassions
  • Ring size increments are clearly marked on each ring which is easy to read and measure precisely /correctly, Ring sizer set can be rotated and disassembled Compact size, easy to get the right size number
  • This Ring sizer set with half sizes, ( "-" Means 1/2 size. "-6" is 6.5, "-7" is 7.5, "-8" is 8.5 etc), and no quarter sizes


    The Ring Sizer Is Great Choice To Help Confirm Finger Size For Buying An Ring.

    • If you are preparing for a wedding, shopping for that special someone.Just put one of rings on your fingers for fitment, can get the right size for fingers.Used to help engagement ring sizing on secret.
    • JPM ring gauges set is convenient way to measure finger size. Great for someone get into jewelry-making as hobby.

    • Easy to separate from stem
    • Including US size and UK size. with full and half sizes


    JPM Ring Gauges Finger Sizer 

    • The ring sizer comes with 27 individual gauges, USA sizes 1-13, including half increments.
    • Spanning a wide range of sizes, offer enough options to fit nearly any size finger.
    • Accurately measures a variety of ring sizes

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