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Precision Tech Digital Scale

Prix d'origine $8.00 - Prix d'origine $11.43
Prix d'origine
$8.00 - $11.43
Prix actuel $8.00


Units: g/oz/ozt/tl/ct/gn/dwt

Display Screen Size: 45x28mm

Buttons: Power On/Off, Tare, Unit, Count

Product Dimensions: 133x78x17mm

Platform Size: 9.1x7.2cm

Net Weight: 163.1g

Power Source: Rechargeable via battery panel

Total Product Weight: 191.8g (Color box + Electronic scale + Protective cover bag + User manual)

Color Box Dimensions: 14.8x8.2x2.5cm


  • One-touch tare function for rechargeable models
  • Accumulative counting function
  • Automatic zero tracking
  • Equipped with high-precision sensors
  • Auto-off feature with adjustable timing
  • Low battery indication/Overload indication
  • High-definition LCD digital display with white backlight

Operating Instructions:

-Place the scale on a stable, level, and non-windy surface.

-Turn on by pressing the power button.

-When the LCD screen displays "0.0" or "0.00", you can start weighing.

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