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Ring Sizer Measuring Tool

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Color: White

Plastic Bracelet, 1-17 US Jewelry Ring Sizer Measuring Tool

Color: Black / White

Material: Plastic

  • 1 PCS, US ring soft ruler, measuring range 1-17, standard ring size measurement.
  • Quickly and accurately determine the ring size that suits you, avoiding unnecessary trouble caused by improper size.
  • How to use: Put it on your finger, tighten it slightly, the number pointed by the arrow is the size of your finger.
  • Note for measurement: Do not tighten too tightly or too loosely when measuring, which will cause inaccurate measurement, and you can measure several times at the same time.
  • Can be reused, the size comparison table can be seen in the main picture introduction.

    How to determining ther correct ring size? 

    1. This is a gift that they will utilize and make an informed decision when buying rings online.
    2. Economical Ring sizer measuring tools can gauge the size of 1-17 USA.
    3. This is a ring sizers measuring tool size.

    It works like a belt and this ring sizer is perfect to gauge your ring size.

    This ring sizer measuring tool is compact, reusable, and lightweight.

    Easy to use,full and half size,the uniquely-designed magnified glass helps you read effortlessly off the scale.

    It can make your life have a better quality, please don't hesitate to take it home!

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