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Vertical Brushed PU 100-Seat Viewing Tray

Prix d'origine $15.80 - Prix d'origine $21.80
Prix d'origine
$15.80 - $21.80
Prix actuel $15.80
Color: Vertical Ring Storage Display-White


  • Black
  • White

Material :  

  • PU Leather


  • Size:250×300×65 mm, 9.8" x 11.8" x 2.5"


About this item

This display stand is made of PU leather and solid wood base. It feels great to the touch and looks elegant.

Dimension: 250×300×65 mm, 9.8" x 11.8" x 2.5", Jewelry not included. Please make sure the size works for you before ordering.

This jewelry display stand uses durable wood and high-quality PU leather that helps organize your jewelry and preventing it from damage and lost.

This display stand is great for personal use at home, and perfect for a counter top jewelry display case in stores or trade shows.

Perfect Jewelry Photography Display: The Jewelry holders provide great contrast and better context for your jewelry, perfect for highlighting all kinds of earrings. High-end jewellery holders enhance Jewelry's value, make you jewelry more exquisite. It’s perfect jewelry photography props


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