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Wrist Measuring Band(10 pcs)

Prix d'origine $17.00 - Prix d'origine $17.00
Prix d'origine
$17.00 - $17.00
Prix actuel $17.00
Color: Black

Plastic Bracelet, 15-25cm Jewelry Measure Wrist Size Tool

Color: Black / White

Material: Plastic

Made of high quality plastic, smooth surface, will not hurt your fingers and wrist, lightweight and portable, exquisite workmanship, sturdy and durable, reusable, not easily deformed, long service life.

Usage: Wear the finger measuring device on your finger, then adjust the finger measuring device to the appropriate position of the finger to be measured, and then remember that the position pointed to by the finger measuring device is the size of your finger; if you are finished using the finger measuring ring, the inner diameter is convenient for you to remove at any time; the wrist measurement band is used in the same way as the instructions for the finger measuring device.

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