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Cleverly Collection

Original price $4.15 - Original price $18.58
Original price
$4.15 - $18.58
Current price $4.15
Color: Pink

Radiant Unveiling
Radiate elegance as you open our packaging boxes, each one designed to frame your jewelry with refinement and sophistication.

Logo Imprint Position - Box Top

For ordering 500pcs per box, we can print your brand logo on it with no extra charge plus 20% off discount. Please contact our sales team for assistance.


  • Velvet

Ring Box
Size: 60 x60 x50mm, 2.37" x 2.37" x 2"
Weight: 68g

Pendant Box
Size: 75 x75 x35mm, 3" x 3" x 1.38"
Weight: 63g

Bangle Box
Size: 95 x90 x30 mm,4.34"x4.34"x2.45“
Weight: 99g

Bracelet Box
Size: 240x55x30mm,4.34"x4.34"x2.45“
Weight: 174.5g

Jewelry Box Set
Size: 130x150x90mm,4.34"x4.34"x2.45“
Weight: 398g

Pearl Box
Size: 230x190x40mm,4.34"x4.34"x2.45“
Weight: 541g


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