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Jewelry Making Tool, Bracelet Making Stick Bangle Mandrel + Hammer Tool Set Tool for Jewelry Making

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Color: Default

Material: Metal / Wood

  • Quality materials: Made of quality material, durable and robust, with long maintenance times.
  • Convenient and easy to use: Convenient and easy to use, with a good trimming and repair effect. With the rubber hammer can be quickly restored to the bracelet round.
  • Smooth surface: The surface is smooth, with exquisite and precision workmanship.
  • Utility: Practical tool for making jewelry, wonderful accessory, comfortable to hold.
  • Fit: Suitable for jewelry manufacturers and jewelry processing workers to use.
  • Ideal for creating and shaping bangles and bracelets made of soft, non-ferrous metals.
  • Ring wooden stick size: about 7cm/ 2.76 inchs in diameter, 29.5cm /11.6 inchs long.
  • Hammer size: about 23cm/9 inchs long, 6.9cm/2.7 inchs wide, 2.5cm thick; Hammer head: 2.5cm/1 inch.
  • Dual Headed Hammer: A versatile tool with detachable ends. Plastic and metal faces. If you work with metals, you will need a hammer with rubber and plastic heads to avoid scratches.

Product Description


JPM Bracelet/Bangle DIY Sets, with Steel Handle Installable Two Way Rubber Hammers and Wooden Stick, Mixed Color

Hammer Size: about 23cm long, 6.9cm wide, 2.5cm thick;
Hammer head: 2.5cm;
Stick Size: about 7.5cm in diameter, 29cm long.


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