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Lacquered Wood Watches Storage Boxes

Original price $10.29 - Original price $35.43
Original price
$10.29 - $35.43
Current price $10.29

Multi-Position Wooden Watch Organizer

Color: Wood Grain Color


  • Acrylic Partition
  • Metal Bracket
  • Lueter
  • Switch
  • High Grade Flocking Cloth
  • Metal Hardcare Lock
  • High Gloss Piano Paint


  • 3-Position Watch Box

Size: 200x120x85mm/7.8"x4.68"x3.32"
Weight:  0.82kg

  • 5-Position Watch Box

Size: 310x120x85mm/12.1"x4.68"x3.32"
Weight:  1.2kg

  • 6-Position Watch Box

Size: 365x120x85mm/14.24"x4.68"x3.32"
Weight:  1.42kg

  • 8-Position Watch Box

Size: 260x210x85mm/10.14"x8.19"x3.32"
Weight:  1.6kg

  • 10-Position Watch Box

Size: 320x215x85mm/12.48"x8.4"x3.32"
Weight:  2.15kg

  • 12-Position Watch Box

Size: 370x215x85mm/14.43"x8.4"x3.32"
Weight:  2.5kg

  • 18-Position Watch Box

Size: 375x305x85mm/14.63"x12"x3.32"
Weight:  3.2kg

  • 20-Position Watch Box

Size: 505x305x85mm/19.7"x12"x3.32"
Weight: 15300g

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