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Ring Sizer Ring Stick Measuring Tool for US 2-15 EU 41-76 JAP 1-13 HK 3-34 with Half Size

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Color: Black / White / Dark Grey / Light Grey

Material: Plastic


  • Material: The Ring Gauge Measure tool can measure US 2-15 EU 41-76 JAP 1-13 HK 3-34 with Half Size. Made ofPlastic for long lasting use, you will only need to buy one as a jeweler to last you a lifetime. Want to surprise your loved one with a ring? Simply use thePlastic Measurement Rings to measure your fingers and see what size ring would fit.
  • Accurate Scales: The Ring Finger Measure Tool shows the sizes of rings in 4 different scales: US 2-15 EU 41-76 JAP 1-13 HK 3-34 with Half Size.
  • Set Contains: 1x Ring Measuring Finger Gauges 27 Different Sizes Plastic Measurement Rings tied together with a super strong stainless steel cable ring that can be opened to rearrange or remove/add measurement rings.
  • Easy to Use: Very Easy to use. with The Ring Sizer Ring Kit simply slide the Plastic Ring over the finger to see what size of ring is needed. with the Ring Measurement Stick, simply slide the ring over the stick and read the measurements of the stick.


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